ENCORE Celtic Fiddle Festival

Three of the finest fiddlers in the Celtic World - Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham and Christian Lemaître - come together on a new live performance CD, Encore. Recorded on tour in Britain, with accompaniment by masterful Breton guitarist Soïg Siberil, the album gives testimony to the electricity and excitement generated by these great stylists from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany. Called "three of the finest folk violinists anywhere" by the Washington Post, the trio will set off on a major American tour in March.

Since his days as a Bothy Band member, Kevin Burke has been recognized as the premier Irish fiddler of his generation. Born in London to parents from County Sligo, Kevin plays the beautifully fluid and highly-ornamented Sligo style. Now living in the U.S.A., Kevin is a current member of seminal Celtic groups Patrick Street and Open House (to see Kevin's bio, click here). Johnny Cunningham is a founding member of the legendary Scottish group Silly Wizard, and has played with a number of contemporary bands including Relativity and Nightnoise. One of the finest fiddlers of any genre, Johnny's dazzling style is dynamic and technically superb, from emotive and eloquent airs to lightning fast reels. Christian Lemaître is a renowned musician in his native Brittany, the Celtic region of France. A former member of the great Breton group, Kornog, Christian's lyrical playing reveals the exotic, dark cadences of the beautiful Breton tradition.

Burke, Cunningham and Lemaître first toured America together in 1992, delighting packed houses with both their spirited playing and spontaneous humor, and an album of selected performances came out the following year. With its solo showcase pieces and fiery ensemble playing, this "Encore" performance of the original Celtic Fiddle Festival is a masterful successor to the trio's 1993 debut. To read a bio of the Celtic Fiddle Festival, click here.


Kevin Burke fiddle
Christian LeMaître fiddle
Johnny Cunningham fiddle
Soig Siberil guitar

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