Peter & Wendy

"Beautifully magical!" - The New York Times

"Celtic musician deluxe Johnny Cunningham has put together a haunting and rich score that constantly reminds us of Peter Pan author Barrie's Scottish roots, as well as the nimbus of profound spirituality that is in the tale itself." Jonathan Warman, Culture Shock

"Enchanting melodies creat[e] a rich tapestry of images that filled the theatre with a euphoric atmosphere ." Mary Power, Irish Echo

"Four stars! is a musical soundtrack that is both enchanting and haunting, but more important, spiritual." Chicago Tribune

The Celtic Fiddle Festival

"Three of the finest folk violinists anywhere. A mastery of regional fiddle styles with alternately soulful, dazzling and nuanced performances." - The Washington Post

"Three sensational fiddlers from three distinct Celtic traditions. The second live album, Encore, is a thrill. Jazz and rock musicians should take note: bravura, lightning-fast playing is rarely such exhilarating fun. Breathtaking." - Boston Herald

"Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham and Christian Lemaître are among the world's greatest Celtic fiddlers. Whether alone or á trois, they possess a breathtaking virtuosity." - Philadelphia Weekly

"The juxtaposition of fiddle styles was fascinating. Mr Lemaître's work was notable for its straightforward lyricism, Mr Burke's for a greater soulfulness. Both men played with easy grace, Mr Burke seeming to hold vast technical resources in reserve. Mr Cunningham was...electrifying...a refined sonority and brilliant violinistic command." - The New York Times

"Burke, Cunningham and Lemaître wowed the audience with quick-step jigs and reels as well as beautiful, soulful melodies. Cunningham played some gorgeous slow airs...Burke's Irish reels were silky smooth, each note crisp and clear." - The Christian Science Monitor

"A treasurable meeting of minds, music and cultural roots, this collaboration between premier league fiddlers lays on a four-course feast of choice Celtic delicacies." - The Scotsman

"Scotland's finest fiddler" Boston Globe

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